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Pilot S1 E1, The A's to Z's



         Spaghetti, a freelance Set Director, & a collection of Crew, are hired to shoot a day of simple inserts for a new Television Show. The Director is a 'No-show' listed on the call sheet as TBD. They try their best.

It's a bit of a 'Monkey with a football' situation as the crew coordinates. Spaghetti is able to fix the shoot & schedule, but we realize there's a much larger problem to this shows concept & structure... There doesn't seem to be any concept or structure!

No one at the office will answer phone calls from set, so we work through our shot list & hope for the best.

By Wrap, the Producers & crew have decided Spaghetti is a semi qualified Leader , causing our parent Network “The Media Channel' to hatch a plan to extend his contract.

Spaghetti is called back for a luncheon with our shows Executive Producer. After an exhilarating 'Car Chases Bike' Stunt sequence in Santa Monica, the two meet & Spaghetti is duped into reluctantly signing an extension on his production contract that reads 'for a period of (1) day, or extended run of show'.

Hopefully Day 2 of shooting should go a little bit smoother, as we are out on location in Topanga. Spaghetti would have preferred to shoot simple background plates & handle the next sequence with CGI, but the Studio is insistent the we use live animals.

Enter 'Bessy' the giant 2 headed 'Loch Ness Monster' of Topanga Canyon. Things start off well enough, but the animal handler is a little drunk, & unfortunately Bessy is agitated & goes on a murderous killing spree where she devours our On Set Medic.

With some quick thinking Spaghetti is able to contain the situation & subdue the beast,

but this upsets a secretive protective cult of Topanga Yoga Hippies, who pelt our set & crew with flying objects as they descend from the hills for all out war!

Spaghetti & crew prepare for a horrible end, but in the final moments, Spaghetti delivers some acting notes, performance coaching & stage direction to Bessy, who is convinced 
to save the crew from the attacking Yoga Hippies.

Everything works out fine for all, & thankfully Bessy even regurgitates our on set medic, who she decides is unpalatable.

We decide to wrap & get out of Topanga as soon as possible, but are stopped along the way by a strange looking naked hippy named 'Equinox' who claims to be our biggest fan.

Equinox claims to come from 9 years in the future, warning Spaghetti & crew that they must not sign any contracts, or make the show, as they, & most of the world, will eventually regret it. It's his mission to 'go back' & stop Spaghetti from signing the original contract.

Spaghetti & crew doubt the truth of this supposed 'Time Traveler', deciding he must be a deranged hallucinating crackhead from a local hippy farm.

Spaghetti promises to quit & suggest Equinox not worry about the show, & instead make a pile of money betting on stocks & sporting events.

Equinox had never considered this possibility & decides it's a great idea, departing to invest in the stock market. This decision is why we haven't been canceled, & remain on air.

Spaghetti & crew watch him run off towards the sparkling backdrop of Tinsel Town.




Written by: Michael Patrick Ford

Evolution Media Group, Pacific


© Copyright,  Evolution Media Group, Pacific