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Seasonal Chapters

Season 1-9

**These 9 seasons will probably play out in 5 actual seasons.**

1) Roll Camera! Spaghetti & Crew are assembled to shoot Inserts & Pickups for a short term gig. They have a bad day that never ends, realizing they are perpetually stuck in a live national broadcast ‘NOW’ with no real plan.

2) The Love Season The women demand more equality, a lot of dominance, more feminine sensibilities & higher caliber content. We fight tooth & nail about it all. More Cooking Skits & Stunts. Comedic Parody. Sit Com & Soap Opera formats.

3) Survivors/Revenge of the Jim Naked & Fearless action adventure in an exotic location. We’re exported to a desert Island paradise, to survive & battle returning producer Jim & his tribe of urinal cake smoking cannibals. "Extreme Comedic Parody Challenges', *Narrative story line plot, Vietnam & WWII Jungle warfare & POW prison escapes.*

4) Baby Pisghetti -Sit Com. Upon their return to Los Angeles, Rebecca has baby Pisghetti, & things get more complex. Because of ‘Television Time” we go through her pregnancy and the toddler years up to about age 6, all in one season. ****Soap Opera & Sit Com format Subplot's****

5) Travel & Leisure Spies The ‘Department of Internal Intelligence’ forces us to do Action/Spy adventure 'during the subplots'. Non stop, Thrilling International, Action Adventure narrative main plot. Freelance Fake News. Dolly Grip Mark begins to make indie Features on the side. 

6) Wonder Year Baby Pisghetti is 12 already! We do a lot of ‘Coming of Age’ & Teenage Drama this year. By the end, Pisghetti is a rebellious 19YO. He tells his father he's "done with this whole BS propaganda campaign!", & decides to be a professional Poet in Europe.


7) Big Business Dolly Grip Mark Has become a big time Hollywood Director, & is promoted to Producer on our show, formally replacing Jim. While Spaghetti handles international espionage, Mark is left in the midst of gang land struggle, as we compete for greater territory in the Hollywood industry.

8) Sensitive Moon Base Cover Up International action adventure!!! Spaghetti must covertly handle the greatest media conspiracy of all time, a Global Misinformation Campaign about a colony of ultra rich elitist that live on the moon. Eventually all this leads to a major Congressional Investigation, resulting in the cancellation of our show.

9) Cup O' Spaghetti Spaghetti & Crew avoid the spotlight to become Vloggers & YouTubers. Grass Root Uprising, reality/ cable access/ podcast, Comedic Parody, U.F.O. & "Weird stuff" sighting's. Conspiracy Theories, Paranoid Drama, Flat Earth, Alternate History, Vlogs & BTS of set work. ((Real BTS of earlier show?!?!))



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